Effective Birthday wishes for mom

Happy Birthday Mom – Top Mother’s Birthday Wishes 

God has created one relation above all. The relation of a mother and child, a relation in which a mother only gives unconditionally and doesn’t expect from the child. Even your spouse or partner cannot love you the way your mother does. We all know that truth and may be taking our moms for granted. They deserve respect, care and especially, our love. Here’s the best opportunity, their birthday to showcase our love for them. Mothers are often touched when their children say or do anything special for them. It’s time we tell them how important they are in our lives and that we love them in every good or bad.

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  1. Happy Birthday to the woman, who knows me inside out, nurtured me and took my side when dad did not. Thank you ma, I wouldn’t have done it without you.
  2. To the woman, who is my Superwoman, whom I idolize, I respect and most importantly, I love more than anyone else. Thank you for being my mom and dad and a Happy Birthday ma.
  3. It was hard to turn against dad when I wanted to choose a different path when I wanted money to invest on a different road but you smiled and trusted me. I don’t know how you do this but it is your confidence which got me so far on my journey and I owe all my success to you mom, Happy Birthday.
  4. Happy birthday maa, I wish the best for you, I wish you receive all the tremendous happiness that you have always turned in my favor. I wish you love and kindness from all for the amazing person you are.
  5. Happy birthday, mom. They say there’s no love at first sight but well, you have loved me before the moment you saw me and I have loved you and depended on your love since the time I was in your womb. Thank you for everything and you will always be my love at first sight.
  6. Happy Birthday mom. Thank you, not only for bearing the pain of carrying me for nine months, but also for bearing the pain every day since my birth. I know you cry when I cry, you smile when I smile and you’re hurt when I’m miserable. We have the purest bond and I love you the most mama.
  7. You have always been there since my first walk to the date when I am so successful and I owe it all to you, mom. Happy birthday and thank you for being world’s best mother.
  8. I don’t know how to thank god for giving you to me. I know I shout, I know I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes and I often tease you too but let me tell you this mom, I never mean to hurt you. It’s these little things I have grown habitual of and I do them because I know you’re always there for me, to look after me. I know I don’t deserve you but please never leave me. Happy birthday, mom.

Happy Birthday My Love 

Happy Birthday to my loving wife

Sweet Birthday Messages and SMS

To the sweet, caring, moody, PMSing and loving wives, we have to accept the fact that women need loving. They sometimes need to be realized that they are loved and cared of. They sometimes need to be told that we love them because women naturally grow insecure sometimes. Besides the fact how much we love them, the gestures to display our love can really help. These gestures may even take the shape of effective words and greetings on their birthday as every word can make a difference. And well, there isn’t a better occasion than their birthday to display our love. We present wishes and romantic greetings for your wife’s birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday to my lovely wife who is never getting older. Your husband loves you the most.
  2. To the gorgeous wife who knows how to keep her man and an amazing mother, Happy Birthday.
  3. To the wife who is a confidant, a best friend and an amazing lover, Happy Birthday. I love you forever and beyond.
  4. There were storms, thunders tried to rip us apart but with your patience and intellect, we always found our way back. Thank you for being my lobster. There’s no one else who can handle me any better. Happy Birthday gorgeous.
  5. To an understanding, loving and caring wife who knows how to pull the strings, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being my perfect match and my Mrs. Right.
  6. For the love we have in between us, your understanding nature and your cam, we have been amazing together so far and I look forward to the years of growing old with you. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday.
  7. Sometimes I ask myself that how a person like me could get so lucky. A person who is easily insecure, possessive and pessimistic. It’s true when you say I love you the most and I won’t deny it. But I find myself even luckier to be able to share this life and wake up next to a woman who is so amazing and so pure. I love you and a very happy birthday.
  8. Happy birthday beautiful, I want you to blow those candles and make wishes and I will be right here to promise to fulfill all your wishes and give you a happy married life forever and beyond.
  9. To someone who came into my life and changed my whole perspective. Being with you makes me want to be a better person, a better human being and love you unconditionally. You taught me what love is all about and I love you so much. Happy birthday.
  10. No matter how sick you are about cleanliness, you nag and you often fight but it’s these little fights that make our bond even stronger. We love someone besides their sicknesses and honey; I love you for everything you possess. Your feelings, perception towards life, insecurities, and innocence. Happy Birthday and I love you the way you are.

Birthday wishes for true friends

Happy Birthday Quotes for Friend

It’s easy to make new friends but very hard to find true ones. These best friends are best for a reason because they are the true ones. They are the ones who’re with you besides your weakness, pet peeves, and weird habits. They encourage you and actually want the best for you while others pretend most of the time. Such friends shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be taken care of. You know you need them as well as they need you. We present to you funny and sweet messages and quotes for your best friend’s birthday. So it’s time you tell them what they mean to you and how important they are in your life.



  1. May you smile all through your life and overcome all the stress and tension that you’re habitual of gaining throughout your path. Be blessed and a Happy Birthday.
  2. From your early morning calls to wake me up for college to you calling me in the middle of the night for homework, I have grown habitual of you. Your silly jokes your silly habits and your bad cooking. Happy Birthday and I hope you let your mother do the cooking for college lunch.
  3. You were there by my side at my victories and you were there to cheer me up during my losses, when people were busy in their own worlds and didn’t care a little about how I was fallen into pieces, you still stood by my side. And here we are, fifteen years of strong friendship and counting. You define a best friend and thank you for being there in my life. A very Happy Birthday.
  4. Happy Birthday best friend, I look forward to having endless nights of gossiping, consoling and bitching about others in future as we do now. God bless you.
  5. Happy Birthday, idiot. Good luck for the great party and a great life ahead.
  6. For someone who’s always been through my thick and thin, for my happiness, my endeavors as well as my weak times, you’re truly one best friend in my life who knows me more than myself. Happy Birthday to you and I wish the best for you. I promise to have your back in life.
  7. To my best friend who made my life so colorful, to someone who can’t see a miserable person and gets started with his poor jokes, a very Happy Birthday and keep laughing.
  8. Happy Birthday to my confidante, my lover and my best friend. Thank you for sharing my tears and moments of joy. Love you.
  9. You’re that one person whom I needn’t explain why I am late, why I am frustrated because you always understand me and my circumstances well. We needn’t be materialistic because our friendship is connected through our hearts and that is what makes it so special. Happy Birthday.
  10. We don’t need to keep calling each other like others, we are workaholics and we know our aims, it’s enough if we go for a lunch once a month and talk once a week, we want the best for each other and want to enjoy our lives earning lots. To higher aims and goals in life and to a true friendship like ours. Happy birthday.

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Meaningful birthday wishes for brother

Funny Birthday Wishes And Quotes

To our protectors, possessive machines and the ones who love us the most, it’s time we wish them a Happy Birthday. From the elder ones who love us unconditionally, pamper us, wrestle with us and play when we are short of family love to the younger ones who well, try to protect us and are our sweethearts, we love them all. Brothers are a must in a family and the ones who get them may tend to take their love for granted. There couldn’t be a better occasion than their birthdays to make them realize how much you love them. So we present to you birthday wishes for your brothers because every word can make a difference.

Belated Birthday Wishes 


  1. Happy Birthday to my eldest and sweetest possession who’s as hard as a coconut on the outside and as soft on the inside. You don’t portray your love or rather you don’t know how to but with every gesture you make towards me, it tells me how much you love me. Happy Birthday brother and your sister love you the most.
  2. I know it was hard to get all the responsibilities of the family on your shoulders after dad, I know it was hard to pay my school and drama class fee, I know you saved money by ripping your dreams to fulfill mine and I love you for being a god to me. Thank you and a happy birthday. I love you.
  3. There’s no one in this whole wide world that could love me and protect me more than you do and more than you care. I am your sweet little sister and you’re my protecting and possessive elder brother. Happy Birthday handsome. May you get the woman of your dreams.
  4. I remember when a guy teased me in school, you were so protecting that you made him say sorry to me in front of the whole school crowd. It was the most embarrassing yet the most beautiful memory that I look back to till date with the pride that my brother loved me so much. Thank you for loving me so much when I was always mean to you but your love always made a difference. Happy birthday brother and I wish the best for you.
  5. Happy Birthday little brother. Here’s the best memory I have of you when I came crying at home that a guy used to make fun of me, the next day you came to my class and warned him in front of everyone that you were going to hunt him down and kick his ass. It was a very cute moment for me as well as humiliating for him. You did the job being a younger brother too. I love you baby, more than you can imagine. Have a great birthday.
  6. To the silly, cute and funny brother who is one complete package of entertainment, happy birthday and have a great one. From our wrestles on mom and dad’s bed to late night waking up and dancing around in the house, I’ve enjoyed every moment with you and look forward to much more fun Happy Birthday once again.


Cute Birthday Wishes, Sayings and Quotes

Romantic birthday quotes for husband

It’s time the birthday of the love of our lives is approaching and this time for a change, we should do something special for them. It’s a cliché expecting a husband to do special things for his wife, say romantic lines and even write romantic poetries the old school way. But a wife can be exceptional and make her man realize how much she loves him. We all know that words matter, we know how much our husbands do for us and now it’s time to let them know that we love them a lot and there wouldn’t be a day we possibly can live a settled life without them.

Happy Birthday Quotes


  1. From my protector, my lover and to my possessive machine, I love you the way you are with your ego, your insecurities and your faith in love. Happy birthday, hubby.
  2. Friendship with you has been a roller coaster ride, you were crazy, stupid and humorous and most importantly you’ve loved me through the years of our marriage. I find myself lucky to marry my best friend and even luckier to spend my life with an amazing person like you. Happy Birthday honey and I love you more than anyone else in this life.
  3. Behind your harsh behavior, your inability to display romantic gestures and your insecurities, I know how much you love me and with every gesture you make, it shows you love me more than anyone and I love you too. Happy Birthday, hubby.
  4. You have been so supportive every time life tried to tear me down. You were optimistic and encouraging and always wanted the best for me. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday.
  5. For a man with his mom and wife fighting, it’s always harder to take sides and us women know that. But I always wonder how you solve our fights keeping your calm and with so much ease. You, honey, clearly have a way with the ladies. Happy Birthday honey and may lord give you the strength to deal with us.
  6. You’re someone who gave meaning to my life. Who cuddled me, protected me and more importantly, loved me unconditionally. Thank you for this amazing life and you’re like my dream come true. Happy Birthday, baby.
  7. Like a kid you fool around and play with our kids in the house, you make a mess and you smile and flirt as a reply to my frowning. Nevertheless, you’re someone I wouldn’t trade for the most mature person in life because I love the way you are. I love how you make love to me and the way you express your feelings. I have grown used to you and I love you. Happy Birthday.
  8. I know I’m not the kind of lady who’s very good at expressing her feelings but I’m gonna make the most of your birthday. I have loved you since the day we’ve met and there’s no one whom I could love as much as I love you. Thank you for being in my life and a very Happy Birthday honey.